Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oil The Weapons

Upon seeing 'The Dark Side of Oz' recently, one scene in particular had this viewer gauging the connection between industrial America, the mechanization of society (automobility, for starters) and our mutual predicament regarding oil. Something to ponder.

The scene when Dorothy et al. first come upon the Tin Man contains interesting contrasting actions: he has his right arm stoutly raised with axe in hand as the party oils the arm to relax it and remove the 'weapon'. In a modern re-make, one might suspect a scenario in which the immobile Tin Man is initially found, axe in-hand, arm down. At this point, a good lubrication would first loosen the joints then permit use of the weapon. What better imagery to suggest armament and aggression, while pacifism and the impressionable goodness of Kansas girls, diplomas, metal tickers, county fair ribbons, cocaine-littered opiates and little dogs be damned.

Hardly probable, but something to watch for.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006