Friday, August 11, 2006

You Are Summoned to a Meeting

History --> Observation --> Commentary (subjective to modern interpretation)

This cycle is repetitive. Why?

Civilizations progress, excel, but grow too big:

- run out of power/energy?
- have no means or record keeping (or do, but it falls victim to power/energy-loss)?
- subject to time?

Populations rise in the same way they always have (which, by definition, cannot be pre-programmed or influenced but rather inate). Technology, social structure, availability of resources make the extent of this progress either advance or succumb to itself (e.g., 'bust' or 'fail'). Knowing (or even assuming) this, how can Y exceed X in progress, learning, betterment?

Maybe by putting into question the nature of this cyclidity; perhaps by comparing and contrasting the vehicles of information and communication of these social paradigms can we learn more about them.

Put your nightmares to the collective light; let us see our souls for what their truths speak, allowing us to highlight a common path to something -- if not everything -- better.