Friday, January 05, 2007

Life: The Crazies and the Weak.

I reworked a friend's old canvas (1'x 4') and found myself - after the usual scribbling, splashing and scratching - with three distinct sections: one texted, one blobbed, one textured. A disjointed, disenfranchised mess really. The text got buried in repeated attempts to blend and unify the whole (not to worry, the original is pasted on the canvas' back). Two names and some time later, with the help of bright orange and beautiful gold spray, the end resulted in a striking vanishing point style of exercise, combining my love of exact geometry, underlying darkness and confusion. Meshing was also used to add texture to the sides and a hive-like dimensionality to some parts. As it was meant to turn out, the product is a pastiche of naturalism (sunshine), measurements (progressive, incremental spacing) and optical draw (vanishing point), the totality of which I am thoroughly pleased.