Saturday, October 14, 2006

Where Honey Comes From

On Trimutualism

*I got to debating as to whether flowers give bees their sweet offal, in the form of pollen, with which the latter make honey, or if the bees are participating in a system by which they help a plant function and make the best of the by-product, the whole time nonetheless seeing their side of the equation.

But in a discussion on systems, current society can look to the Internet hive model and see a scrambled media grown out of the progressive and increasingly qualitative communications of the sixties whose future will quite potentially fade over time thanks to over-quartering and over-watering. This causes one to ponder: "On which levels will the bees or even the ants' communication evolve?" Is it by means of a single rhythm or does it benefit from the continual one by which nature evolves?

But when the honey's coming in and simplicity is baseline, where will communication go? And with a premise like that, is the latter question moot?